“Leave Me Slowly” by Lewis Capaldi

On “Leave Me Slowly”, Lewis Capaldi portrays the role of someone who, sadly enough, is witnessing the end of his relationship with the addressee. By the looks of things they haven’t officially parted ways yet, but the vocalist doesn’t really seem to have any problem admitting that this romance has run its course. 

His issue is that despite that realization, he does not want their relationship to end. So first of all, Capaldi is not going to be the one to put the nail in the coffin. And secondly, he is telling his sweetheart that if she decides to do so herself, she should ‘leave him slowly’. And what that means in context is the vocalist wanting to spend as much remaining time with her as possible.

“So, if you’re gonna leave me
Just leave me slowly
Let’s make it last
Just one more dance
Before the moment’s passed
I’d rather that you lay here
Than leave me lonely
So, stay for a while
Just one more mile
Before we say goodbye”

Contributors’ Comments

“The night of January 18 of 2023 is an unforgettable night for me. I was at the AO Arena in Manchester, where I witnessed a string of impeccable performances by Lewis’, including that of ‘Leave Me Slowly’. It was my first time hearing that song, and the emotions on the night surpassed anything I had ever felt before.

Lewis effortlessly connected with the audience, ensuring that everyone was totally carried along. I am incredibly grateful that I didn’t miss that remarkable show—it truly exceeded all expectations. Prior to the event, Lewis had mentioned the presence of a song similar to ‘Purple Rain’ on his ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ album. It was during that performance that I realized ‘Leave Me Slowly’ was the very song he had been alluding to.”

– Gary Steel

“Through ‘Leave Me Slowly’, Lewis has been able to show how big a heart he has and you can’t help but love him for that. The song’s profound emotional impact is on a different level altogether. I now understand why he is a sweetheart to his fans and loved ones.

He possesses a captivating personality and a wonderful sense of humor that instantly draws people in.  ‘Leave Me Slowly’ truly touches the deepest of my emotions. It’s unfortunate that I reside far away in Botswana, as it has deprived me of the chance to attend any of his concerts but I hope my dream comes true someday.”

– Martinsson

“Lewis has exhibited a remarkable level of self-awareness, openly expressing his genuine emotions through ‘Leave Me Slowly’. This song serves as a testament to the fact that he is nothing but a sweetheart. His love and concern for his fans are evident, which is likely why he chooses every word of his lyrics carefully. I must admit, I had concerns when people criticized him for his use of unprintable words on a number of platforms, notable amongst them was at the Brit Awards in 2021.

However, this song and the ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ album as a whole should silence his critics. The album demonstrates Lewis’ endearing nature, reaffirming my belief that our deeds are a reflection of the kind of person we truly are. Lewis is just a gentleman with a delightful sense of humor.

Leave Me Slowly

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