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How I'm Feeling Now

“How I’m Feeling Now” by Lewis Capaldi

“How I’m Feeling Now” officially made its way onto the marketplace on 17 March 2023. In doing so it acted as the third single from “Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent”, Capaldi’s second studio album which,...


“Pointless” by Lewis Capaldi

The lyrics of Lewis Capaldi’s “Pointless” do a sound job of allowing the vocalist to delineate what it is he puts into his romance with the addressee, and what he likewise gets out of...

Forget Me

“Forget Me” by Lewis Capaldi

In relation to the dropping of “Forget Me”, Lewis Capaldi offered what has to be one of the most-entertaining song backdrops by the actual singer/songwriter we’ve ever come across. He also got pretty frank during his lengthy explanation. ...