“How This Ends” by Lewis Capaldi

“How This Ends” is yet another song found on the “Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent” album that revolves around the vocalist and addressee being in a romance that’s coming to an end. However, in this particular instance, Lewis Capaldi adopts more of a vengeful tone.

He and the other party put a lot of emotion, years and presumably resources into this relationship. But unfortunately it’s ending unceremoniously or perhaps tumultuously even. Capaldi comes off as someone who feels he was abused or, as implied in the first verse, whose inadequacies in the eyes of the other party is predicating this break-up. And he responds by telling his soon-to-be ex that she “ain’t gonna like how this ends”. That statement would imply that he too intends to put her through some type of emotional hardship before the two of them finally part ways.

“So, this is where we ended up
All of those years that I wasted for love
And, here it is, forevermore
The house is on fire and I can’t find the door
If I had the heart to start it again
I’d stamp out the sparks in my own self-defence
No, you ain’t gonna like how this ends”

Writer’s Personal Commentary on “How This Ends”

“If you have been in any beautiful relationship which has gone sour before, you will understand how much weight Lewis’ ‘How This Ends’ carries, in addition to its depiction of a sense of despair and introspection. It’s like staring into a mirror of self-doubt, where resignation and acceptance collide, signaling the inevitable end of something which was once very beautiful.

The lyrics paint a picture of personal inadequacy, like feeling utterly useless and burdened with excuses. It’s a raw admission of shortcomings and recognition of one’s own limitations. But what strikes me the most is the realization of wasted time, that feeling of being trapped in a deteriorating situation, unable to break free. It’s like being caught in a web of circumstance, suffocating under the weight of unfulfilled potential. It’s a painful awareness of the ticking clock, of opportunities slipping away.

And then, as the song nears its end, there’s that mention, that whisper of ‘leave me slowly‘. It’s a bittersweet plea, longing for a gradual release from the pain. It hints at the difficulty of letting go, as if the pain of the loss is something that will take time to bear. In the end, this song, ‘How This Ends’, encapsulates a journey of emotions relatable to not just me but anyone who has experienced heartbreak in any form.”

A Contributor’s Comment

“The song conveys a sense of despair and introspection. The words express feelings of self-doubt, resignation, and recognition of the end of a relationship, friendship or anything beautiful. The inclusion of the line ‘cause I’m ……. useless and full of excuses’ reflects a sense of personal inadequacy.

The imagery of dead flowers and hearts in, ‘now the flowers are dead like the hearts in our chest‘, highlights a loss of passion and vitality.

Portions of the song makes me realize wasted time and a feeling of being trapped or unable to escape a deteriorating situation or system. The mention of ‘Leave Me Slowly’ at the end of the song makes me feel like the loss is one which will be very difficult to bear hence it should be done gradually.”

Greg Simons

How This Ends

Writing Credits and Date of Release of “How This Ends”

Here is the list of all credited writers of “How This Ends”:

  • Lewis Capaldi
  • Plested
  • Michael Pollack
  • Tom Barnes
  • Pete Kelleher
  • Ben Kohn

On May 19th, 2023, Capaldi’s management officially released his second studio album. The album, which is titled “Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent”, was preceded by these singles:

“How This Ends” is the 11th track on the album.

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