“Leave You Alone” by Kane Brown

“Leave You Alone” is undeniably a love song, one that was written for Brown’s wife after they welcomed their second baby girl, Kodi Jane in October 2019.

The song starts off with some hardships faced being in a relationship, often ending in fights. Regardless of the arguments and differences, he proceeds to promise that he’ll never leave.

Brown further compares his unending love to permanent things like the ‘red wine stain on the carpet’ and her ‘favorite jeans with the hole in the pocket’. As commonly known, red wine stains are tough to remove from carpets despite multiple washes and cleaning agents used. A pair of favorite jeans is also always hard to throw away even if it’s torn yet decent enough to wear out – speaking from personal experience.

Lyrics to Kane Brown's "Leave You Alone"

Talking for hours, growing old with and being able to count on a partner is the ultimate love story that everyone dreams of. Here, Brown cites exactly, that stating that his love is equivalent to the moon and back, and will never die.  

Simply put, “Leave You Alone” is a kind of song inspired by being so in love with someone that you can’t leave them regardless of what happens. All in all, it is a truly heart touching love song. It is therefore not surprising that shortly after the song was released, many soon-to-wed fans of Brown were quick to choose it as their official wedding song.

When did Kane Brown release “Leave You Alone”?

“Leave You Alone” was first previewed on Brown’s social media accounts in late 2021.

RCA Records Label Nashville released this love song on the 4th of March, 2022. This song is the second song that Kane released in the year 2022.

Notable Live Performance

Brown performed this song for the first time live at the 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards, which took place in Las Vegas on 7th March. Many praised his performance and labeled it one of the best performances of the awards night.

Leave You Alone

Who is Kane Brown?

Kane is an American country singer whose professional career began somewhere in 2014. At the time of the release of “Leave You Alone”, he had two studio albums under his belt. Both albums (“Kane Brown” and “Experiment”) reached number 1 on the US Top Country Albums chart. Some of his notable singles include “Heaven”, “Homesick” and “Memory“.

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