“Go Around” by Kane Brown

The way the title of this song (“Go Around”) is utilized in the chorus is, most simply put, as a pickup line. However, Kane Brown is assuring this lady whom he would like to get with that he isn’t in it for a quick score. Instead, their relationship has begun, this very night, via a chance encounter at a bar. 

The pair end up, amidst a significant amount of alcohol consumption, striking up a friendship. And as they’re interacting, the vocalist is able to pick up on the notion that the addressee is someone who is reeling, as deduced, from a toxic romantic partner. 

Indeed as the night progresses, Kane goes on to further conclude that such instances, i.e. the addressee suffering from romantic disappointments, are a recurring theme in her history. But what isn’t clear is whether she told him this forthrightly, or if this is something he just imagined, if you will, throughout the course of their interaction.

And the reason why that latter idea, that the vocalist may be hastily concluding that the addressee is a perennially-scorned woman, is feasible is because the vocalist more or less admits at the end of the first verse that the alcohol they’re consuming may be affecting his perception of her – and vice versa. But in any event, this is someone whom, after this one night of bonding, he has fallen in love with. 

So Kane proceeds to shoot his shot, under the conviction that, due to his genuine level of smittenness, he will prove a more satisfactory lover to the addressee than those she has dealt with in the past.

Lyrics to Kane Brown's "Go Around"

Release of “Go Around”

It seems like a long time since we heard from Kane Brown. But actually he did drop a couple of proper singles earlier in 2022, “Like I Love Country Music” and “Grand”, both of which, as with this one, are associated with “Different Man”, his third-studio album. 

“Go Around” itself was issued, through RCA Nashville, on 16 August 2022.


Kane Brown gets songwriting credit for this song alongside Zach Beeken, Ernest, Jordan Schmidt and Garrett Nichols. The track’s producer is music industry mainstay Dan Huff.

Go Around

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