“Homesick” by Kane Brown

Kane Brown and his collaborators wrote “Homesick” to encapsulate the sentiments the singer felt while on the road. More specifically the addressee would be the lady he was engaged to at the time (and later married), Katelyn Jae. And what he is telling her, as you can likely deduce from the title, is that he’s “homesick”. And the primary reason why he is suffering so is due to being separated from the woman he loves. The romantic nature of this song is perhaps made most evident in the chorus, when Kane states that it feels like ‘half of him is missing’.

And via this experience, the singer learned a lesson so to speak, as is illustrated in the second verse. Here, he acknowledges that yes, he is in fact living out a fantasy being a famous singer and all. But obviously he never anticipated that being out on the road would cause him to miss his significant other so much. So succinctly put, this is a love song based on the singer missing his partner.

“Homesick” is dedicated to Family Members of Military Personnel

Moreover Kane Brown decided to dedicate this song to the families of military personnel. In other words, he believes the lyrics can be interpreted in a wider context where the addressee would be someone akin to the cherished family member of a soldier stationed outside the country. But more so is that he felt the music scene was long overdue for a song “about the military”.  

So even though we know as originally written “Homesick” is very much a romantic love song, Brown has reimagined it as a tribute to those in the military who are regularly faced with the dilemma contained therein.


So conclusively, we can say that romance is actually the subject matter that is front and center on “Homesick”. But Brown, being sympathetic to likewise emotions that military personnel go through, extended its meaning to also include their plights of missing the ones whom they love as well as the familiar environs they share together.

Music Video

There are two official music videos to “Homesick”. The original was dedicated to military families. And the second is based more on the actual storyline of the lyrics. The latter accordingly features Katelyn Jae, whom Kane married in 2018.

Facts about “Homesick”

Kane Brown wrote “Homesick” along with Brock Berryhill, Matt McGinn and Taylor Phillips. Kane conceptualized the tune after a tattoo artist suggested that he tattoo the term homesick onto his knuckles.

And the track was produced by the prolific Dan Huff.

This song came out, via RCA Nashville and Sony Music Nashville, on 7 September 2018. It was later reissued in 2019 as the third single from Kane’s second-studio album.

“Homesick” peaked at number three on Billboard’s Country Airplay in number five on its Hot Country Songs list. It also made an appearance on the Hot 100.

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