“Thank God” by Kane Brown & Katelyn Brown

“Thank God” is pretty-straightforward in revolving around the vocalists ‘thanking God’ for one another’s presence in their life. In other words, they are a couple and beyond that consider each other soulmates, i.e. possessing a perfect level of compatibility. And whereas neither Kane nor Katelyn co-wrote this song, these lyrics are very much indicative of the type of sentiment that tends to exist between spouses and more specifically those who are actually in love.

With the title in mind, to some extent the lyrics are based on a motif whereas, in getting the aforementioned points across, the vocalists rely on religious/Christian innuendos. 

But that is not to say that this piece is spiritual in nature. “Thank God” is very much a love song, one in which most pointedly the vocalists express a belief that they have found a lover so ideal that the Most High Himself must have had a hand in getting them together.

Kane Brown & Katelyn Brown, "Thank God" Lyrics

Kane Brown and Katelyn Brown

Yes, Katelyn Brown (nee Jae) is in fact the wife of Kane Brown and has been since late 2018. And whereas Kane may be the more famous of the two, Katelyn does have a professional-music history herself. She also has a degree from the renowned Berklee College of Music. Said degree is in Music Management, and she has used what she has learned largely to the benefit of her husband’s career. 

But that said, “Thank God”, which was released on 9 September 2022 as part of Kane’s third LP “Different Man”, marks her first official collaboration with Kane.

Credits for “Thank God”

The music video to this track, as helmed by director Alex Alvga, was shot in Hawaii.

The writers of “Thank God” are:

  • Kyle Fishman
  • Jaxson Free
  • Josh Hoge
  • Jared Mullins
  • Christian Stalnecker

Thank God‘s producer is country music mainstay Dan Huff.

Thank God

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