Lewis Capaldi

Scottish singer and songwriter Lewis Capaldi rose to prominence with his 2017 hit song “Bruises“. This song was released via Virgin Records, as the singer’s debut single.  

The Glasgow-born singer further established himself in the music industry with another powerful single “Someone You Loved“, which he dropped in 2019. That same year, he launched his debut studio album titled, “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent”.

Other Notable Songs

In addition to the above-mentioned work, Capaldi is also behind several other famous songs. Here are a few of them that we have analyzed:

“Before You Go”





“Hold Me While You Wait”


“Love The Hell Out Of You”

“Haven’t You Ever Been In Love Before?”

“Heavenly Kind Of State Of Mind”

“Leave Me Slowly”

“The Pretender”

“Any Kind of Life”

“How This Ends”


What Style is Lewis Capaldi?

The “Bruises” hit maker is noted for the following musical genres:

  • Blue-eyed soul
  • Pop

Grammy Glory

In 2020 his single, “Someone You Loved”, was on the nomination list for Grammy’s “Song of the Year” award. However, this award was ultimately given to “Bad Guy”, a track by US vocalist Billie Eilish.

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