“Hollywood” by Lewis Capaldi

The origin of the track can be traced back to Lewis Capaldi visiting Los Angeles for the first time. While there he met someone, whom would likely be the addressee of this song. And basically, what he is telling this individual is that even though they are separated by a great distance, he still very much misses her.

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However, in the track he flips the story by rather stating that he went to Hollywood  in an attempt to get his mind of this person. And this individual, being “eight hours” behind him, would be located somewhere around his hometown of Scotland. And the singer himself is quite anxious to get back home. Thus this song points to the idea of Lewis Capaldi being homesick, specifically in terms of missing a woman he cares for.

Indeed the insinuation is that this particular relationship is on the rocks, as in his significant other no longer wanting to deal with him. And the fault appears to be his own, as in Lewis being the one who initially decided to part ways. So basically what he is doing now is pleading with her to give him another chance.


And conclusively there is a lot going on in this track. Lewis Capaldi has a talent of taking random real-life topics and being able to transform them into love songs. Thus “Hollywood” is seemingly about both homesickness and romantic heartache. And in this particular case he is traveling to the titular city, far away from home, in an attempt to forget that he messed up with the woman he loves.

"Hollywood" lyrics

What Capaldi has said about the meaning of “Hollywood”

According to Lewis, he wrote this song about his first time in L.A. and the feeling he had being so far away from home and someone very special. It should be mentioned that Capaldi hails from Scotland (which is thousands of miles away from Los Angeles).

Lewis Capaldi explains the meaning of "Hollywood"

Writing Credits for “Hollywood”

Capaldi along with three other writers composed “Hollywood”. The other writers are: Phil Plested, KIN and JC Stewart. Two of the writers (including KIN and Capaldi) worked with music producer Ed Holloway to have this song produced.

Date “Hollywood” was released

Capaldi and his team released “Hollywood” on the 17th day of month of May, 2019. It was released along with Lewis’ maiden album “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent”.

Was this a single?

No. The only singles from the above-named album are as follows:

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