Lewis Capaldi’s “Hold Me While You Wait” Lyrics Meaning

In this track the singer is addressing his girlfriend. The dilemma is based on the fact that she does not actually want to be with him. So he is ‘holding her while she waits’. And what she is actually waiting for is another lover who she desires more than Lewis – or perhaps in this case of this particular song just for their relationship to end, as she is not sure Capaldi is the one.

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This track is based on a real-life experience that Lewis unfortunately went through. Reportedly he had a girlfriend who, out of the blue, decided she did not want to be with him any longer. He thought that the solution would be “a couple of hugs”. And of course the whole situation unsettled him. In fact he stated that being in a romance where the participants are not sure they want to be engaged in it is “one of the most-desperate places you can find yourself”. And ultimately he did lose that girl.

Lyrics of "Hold Me While You Wait"

As such, the beginning of the song finds Lewis appealing to his shorty to “turn around”, as in change her mind about leaving. However, even if she still decides to do so, he wants her to “hold (him) while (she) wait(s)”. Based on this, it seems that he has already accepted the fact that their romance is coming to an end, despite his belief that they can still work things out. And obviously he still loves her very much. So what he is really asking for is a few more precious moments in her arms. And such is truly a desperate affair, as Capaldi has stated.

Lewis Capaldi talks about the meaning of this song

According to Capaldi, the song is about being in a relationship with someone who isn’t sure whether they want the relationship or not.

Lewis Capaldi

Facts about “Hold Me While You Wait”

  • Lewis Capaldi wrote this track alongside Jamie N Commons and Jamie Hartman.
  • Capaldi also produced it with TMS and two other producers, namely Nick Atkinson and Edward Holloway.
  • “Hold Me While You Wait” came out on 3 May 2019.

On which album is “Hold Me While You Wait”?

It appears on the 2019 debut album of Capaldi’s titled Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent. On this same album appears the hit single “Someone You Loved“. 

If the lyrics of this song are autobiographical, who would the addressee likely be?

In other to get a fair idea who Capaldi might be addressing in this song, we have to take a quick walk through the Scottish singer’s dating history.

Capaldi has actually stomached his fair share of the dating world when he openly joked about being single for a while. Apparently, he had been in a relationship with famous British reality star Paige Turley before returning to singlehood and then to another relationship. Love Island’s Paige Turley was reportedly involved romantically with Capaldi during their college years, beginning from 2015. Their relationship however hit the rocks, when Paige allegedly cheated on Lewis with his best friend.

Funny enough, several fans were of the view that the singer’s hit track, “Someone You Loved” was written about Paige. Lewis Capaldi revealed during the 2020 BRIT Awards that the song wasn’t written about his ex-girlfriend but actually to honor his late grandmother.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic (in 2020), Capaldi seemed to have made a comeback into the dating world as he disclosed in a radio interview that he was in a relationship. His response which came via Bustle, gave up a few hints about this mystery woman including the fact that she had a posh voice and red hair. Though the music star refused to confirm the name of his girlfriend as of this writing, Daily Mail reported Scottish student, Catherine Halliday as Lewis Capaldi’s girlfriend.

However, by September of that same year, it was reported that Capaldi and Catharine had split. The pair were in a relationship for roughly seven months before going their separate ways.

So is “Hold Me While You Wait” about Paige or Catharine?

Considering the song came out in 2019, it certainly can’t be about Catharine. Capaldi and Catharine only began dating in 2020. So based on all indications, it is very likely the song’s addressee would be Paige.

28 Responses

  1. Just me says:

    I’ve been totally captured by ‘hold me while you wait’ listening to it over and over loving the song and lyrics and trying to get why it’s getting to me so much…. it’s happened tonight…. I don’t want to put a downer on it but it’s my friend, my very good friend who committed suicide when he was only 22 and the words mean so much – it makes sense… my love my love my love won’t you stay a while ….. I wish that I was good enough ( good enough to make you stay awake rather than have to try and wake you up) I know I couldn’t – no matter what – wow – thank you. This happened 15 years ago so it’s not new so nothing to worry about but it’s the first song that’s really connected me to what happened – thanks again.

    • lewis says:

      i totally feel you and on that part of the song my love my love my love i wish that i was good enough hits HARD to heart and body i almost get numb hearing it

      • Anonymous says:

        Just me, I thought about the exact same thing. I was dating this beautiful creature, but she committed suicide at 27. This song makes me so sad as she was raped by her brother when she was younger. Although, I only met her in her last year of her life, I feel the guilt of not doing something about it.

      • martin braüner says:

        Hi i would like to react to the song on YouTube is that ok

  2. Dawn Carlstrom says:

    Woke up in the middle of the night, this song was playing in my head. Absolutely love it!

  3. Shelley mcgrath says:

    This song is so powerful for me I lost my best friend 2 years ago to breast cancer she was 44 the lyrics just hit home.’ If only I could wake you up, won’t you stay a while ‘ too close to the truth x

    • Shellie Morrison says:

      Im so sorry for the loss of your friend, real warrior! 💗 I’m currently fighting brain cancer, I have been for a long time over a third of my life, I’m 31 diagnosed 13 years ago but thankfully beating prognosis’. My brother sang this to me every day while I was in a coma, now it fills my heart and breaks it Everytime I hear it, truly incredible song really is! Shellie xx

      • Sarah Blake says:

        I’m 18 and trying to battle breast cancer whilst i was at home and feel on my own i would play this song on repeat its one of the only things that got me through lock down
        love this song❤❤❤❤
        Sarah xx

  4. Amanda says:

    This song hits home because my husband of 20 years said he wants a divorce. He sleeps is another room and we barely communicate Then is got into a car accident (wasn’t badly injured thank the Lord) and told he loves me but still needs some time. Found out about other women he talks to still. Don’t know how to feel about it all. I just feel lost!!! This song speaks to my soul!!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Every time I think of my ex this song needs to be played. After being together for three months, he texted me and told me that it won’t work out. He blocked me on everything, and I couldn’t tell him one last time that I loved him. It feels like my heart is being ripped out and this song just makes the tears fall even more. But I need to listen to it. It helps me move on. I wish he cared a little more, but I’ll find someone who cares enough to stay.

  6. John Martin says:

    This song really speaks to someone going through the same situation

  7. Cape town says:

    Going through a “covid 19 silent, wordless break-up”. I couldn’t find the words to express my pain and shock, but this song just say it all. The tears are rolling everytime Im listening to it. I wish that I was good enough…

  8. Praise says:

    i sent this lyrics to my ex boyfriend cause i was waiting for us to part way.And broke up that night.Tho we ae cool friend but……

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh, every time i listen to this song I think of it like his girlfriend got like news she was dying or something and she was waiting for her time to go so hes telling her to hold him but wow great song overall loved every second of it!

  10. Quentin says:

    Every time I listen to this song it makes me think about my anxiety and depression…When I listen to the lyrics, I feel like I can feel the singer’s pain. It’s why I love this song so much. Every lyric hits home. There’s a person that I like currently and she likes another person…It’s such a great song.

  11. Anonymous says:

    My beautiful friend died suddenly and unexpectedly a year and a half ago. Known him since high school and we were talking about getting into a relationship after 2 failed marriages for the both of us. I wish I could wake him up. I still cry…

  12. Anonymous says:

    My brother died on the 6th of October 2020 and we played this song at his funeral. It’s such a nice to listen to and whenever I listen to it I cry. Because of all the amazing thoughts of my wonder boy brother who was only five years-old. If anyone wants to see him his Facebook page is
    Elijah Wonderboy North

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yeah this song really hits home because my grandpa passed away July 28, 2020 not expected and he was great. He was only 77 and I really miss him. He meant the world to me. The lyrics I wish I could wake you up really hit my heart hard. And I’m having friend issues right now she won’t talk to me and she has been my best friend for over 5 years and I don’t know what to do. I put a happy face on for everyone and I don’t know what to do. I hid the pain. Any advice for that? And any advice about my friend and how to cope with the loss of my grandpa?

    • Anonymous says:

      I came here for advice when I really needed help and nobody gave me that and that’s just sad that nobody would help me when I was in pain. Update the girl I was talking about ignored me for 3 weeks and played dumb and tried to be my friend again. I dumped her tho. It was hard but I need better people in my life she treated me like garbage. Pranked me everyday say terrible things to me and then want to be my friend again. I still haven’t come to terms with my grandpas passing. I wish I could I just don’t know how. Please I need help.

  14. edman_int03 says:

    this is the top on my playlist , it doesn’t tire me , coz once i got someone whom i loved. We made a perfect couple ,we would talk nonstop and chat but suddenly she lost interest and she didn’t reply my text if not she answered shortly and holy dear god i lost her .I still love her but am trying to recover hence the part ‘wont you stay a while my love my love ‘ it makes me cry and i cannot stop listening to it even a whole day.

    • Anonymous says:

      someone that left me, sent me this song some days ago..came here to see for a hidden meaning… i have no clue

  15. Amy says:

    this song is so amazing despite the fact i cry every time i listen to it. my boyfriend of 12 years died of cancer and before he died he requested this song at his funeral i cried so hard as he knew it was all coming to an end i still cry now
    Amy xx

  16. Bla says:

    Why so much death? It’s a breakup song. But you’re entitled to your opinions and song effect is all differently. Sorry for your losses. This one confuses me a bit, the meaning is obvious and I went through this recently. However it’s my ex who plays the song. She dumped me with very little reason and didn’t want to work things out. Go figure.

  17. Anna says:

    It really is a desperate place to find yourself. I am finally moving on though. It’s hard sometimes to keep the confidence up but I’m awesome and he didn’t deserve me. He may have left out of the blue but now I can find someone who truly cares about me. This song brings me comfort now instead of that desperation.

  18. Sad says:

    Everything about this song, the lyrics, the melody, the harmony,etc hits me in the spot. I’m dealing with the fact that I’ll never be enough for someone that I deeply care about. She loves me not in that way and I’m still lucky enough to still be in her life though I can’t have her. I’ll always support everything that she does, but that is not enough for her. The bitter part is I know what she needs but still not able to be that person.

  19. Lena says:

    This was wonderful song was sent to me today ,we were just getting to learn each other’s ways and soul and heart and me I was thrown away from him
    Hurt beyond hurt ,think of him everyday then he sent me these words and how we explain it how do we understand it .
    Hurts still but what is the next step

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