“Don’t Get Me Wrong” by Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi’s “Don’t Get Me Wrong” is purely a breakup song. The narrator (Capaldi) takes on the role of an individual in a relationship that is apparently on its last legs. But what makes this track unconventional in relation to others that also fall into this category is that he is not callously celebrating this event. Nor is he overly-emotional about it. Rather he takes a very practical approach by acknowledging that this moment was inevitable, and a dissolution of this romance will be the best for both parties involved.

Indeed he calls for mutual understanding in the situation by reminding his partner that she too is not really happy or content, specifically in terms of being lonely. And this is a feeling he also seems to possess, despite being in a relationship. Additionally he summarizes their union as one where true love may have been present at first. However, in more-recent times, they’ve been more or less pretending to be into each other.


So it can be concluded that Capaldi is trying to lessen the inevitable discomfort that would be felt in a situation like this. He does so by letting his partner know that, once again, the two of them parting ways is for the best.  Put differently, they both know they may be better off without each other yet have grown accustomed to being in this stagnant relationship. However, the singer is the one who actually had the heart to pull the plug.

Lyrics of "Don't Get Me Wrong"

Lewis Capaldi’s talks about the meaning of “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

Below are Capaldi’s exact words on the meaning of the contents of this song:

Lewis Capaldi talks about "Don't Get Me Wrong"

Writing Credits for “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

Lewis Capaldi wrote “Don’t Get Me Wrong” along with songwriter Jamie Hartman. Hartman also took care of the production of the track along with two other producers, namely Nick Atkinson and Ed Holloway.

Date of Release

17th May, 2017 was the official date of release for this tune. The song later appeared as track number 8 on Capaldi’s 2019 hit album titled “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent”. This was his debut album. FYI, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” wasn’t issued as one of the singles of above mentioned album. Here are the official singles that were released from Capaldi’s maiden album:

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