“Emo Girl” by Machine Gun Kelly & Willow

The term “emo” is one which has various applications in the musical/cultural landscape. But by the looks of things, the term actually originated being associated with punk rock music, and “Emo Girl” is a song that partially falls into that category. 

But for the sake the simplicity, perhaps this piece could have been called something like “Goth Girl” instead. And that’s because the style of the subject, as described in lyrics, is one that most people would probably define as gothic more so than punk or emo. But to some degree they’re all one in the same anyway.

That said, both of the vocalists have ‘fallen in love with an emo girl’. Both MGK and Willow dedicate ample lyrics to describing the subject’s style, i.e. the way she dresses, the type of makeup she wears, etc. 

Kelly also describes her as being “a monster in disguise”. Relatedly, Willow kinda alludes to homegirl possessing vampire-like – or whatever it is the vocalist means when she proceeds to bleed after being kissed by the “emo girl”. 

The most general way of describing the titular character is as someone who is darkly and visibly countercultural. Willow even goes on to imply that she may be so as a result of depression.


This song serves as an ode to such individuals, i.e. emo girls. Willow Smith and Machine Gun Kelly are both musicians who specialize in a genre known as pop punk, which would in part explain their fascination with these types of women. 

Indeed Willow sorta implies that she’s an emo girl herself. And whereas based on past musical works of hers that we have covered there’s no instant recollection of her coming off as a lesbian, apparently Willow is bisexual and also alludes to that aspect of her romantic life in this piece.

Lyrics of "Emo Girl"

Facts about “Emo Girl”

“Emo Girl” is a part of MGK’s 2022 album called “Mainstream Sellout”, which is a product of Interscope Records and Bad Boy Records.

The teasing of Emo Girl dates back to October of 2021.  The song was written by MGK, Dark Waves and celebrity drummer Travis Barker, who likewise served such a role on the track. 

Travis also produced this tune with Waves, a behind-the-scenes’ man who has worked with both Barker and MGK in the past.

Travis made a name for himself as a member of a well-known rock band from the 1990s called Blink-182. And various analysts have noted that “Emo Girl” is reminiscent of that band’s sound, with the lyrics also featuring a reference to the act.

This song also sports a sampled vocal contribution from Megan Fox, the Hollywood actress who got engaged to Machine Gun Kelly in January of 2022. And said sample, the intro line to the song which reads “I am a god”, is derived from a movie she starred in entitled “Jennifer’s Body” (2009).

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Willow expressed how glad she was to be able to be authentically her on “Emo Girl”. Below is an excerpt of what Willow told Rolling Stone in relation to the song and collaboration:

What Willow said of "Emo Girl"
Emo Girl

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who the f–k is Emo Girl? Pretty sure it’s not Megan Fox!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Megan had an emo phase and it was not as bad as some of the scene people are like wtf like look of pics of scene and emo and gothic and e-girl etc they are all freaking different

  3. konner says:

    as an emo i love this song

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