“Lonesome” by SHAED

On one hand we can say SHAED’s “Lonesome” is a love song, though the prevailing sentiment throughout is one of heartbreak. More pointedly, the tune is based on the featured subjects’ dependency on the persons whom they were romantically involved with. And it can be said that they have become aware of the deepness of such dependency via having their hearts broken by said individuals.

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Scenario #1

The first scenario is presented from the perspective of a male. He was suffering from depression before meeting and becoming involved with a certain lady. But at the end of the day their romance fell apart. So now he is reduced to expressing how “lonesome” he feels due to a lack of her presence.

Scenario #2

The second scenario, this time being relayed from a female’s viewpoint, is fundamentally the same. Though the aspect of her relationship she was apparently most fond of was something more physical. But more to the point is that she likewise is devastated by the loss of her lover who decided to abandon her.

Bridge of “Lonesome”

So the bridge of the song is based on these characters ‘begging’ their respective partners to stay. And it’s not likely that these two individuals are in the same relationship since they are both accusing their respective partners of dumping them.


So again this is a love song but one that is being presented from a certain angle. For the singers are indeed deeply in love though suffering due to the persons they have these feelings for apparently not feeling the same. And resultantly, the conclusive sentiment is that they are hoping that their exes will return back to them, for without them they are in fact “lonesome”.

Lyrics of "Lonesome"

Facts about “Lonesome”

This song was written by the trio of artists that make up SHAED – C. Lee, M. Ernst and S. Ernst. The Ernst brothers also produced the tune in collaboration with Joe Benny and Cody Tarpley.

SHAED penned this song while spending time in Death Valley, a desert region of California. And likewise their goal was to make the track “feel wide open and expansive like the landscape” which they were in.

Photo Finish Records put this track out on 6 October 2017.  It is the second single from the band’s EP/album entitled “Melt”. Other notable singles from the “Melt” album include “Trampoline” and “Too Much“.

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