Meaning of “Hurts 2B Human” by P!nk (ft. Khalid)

As the title implies, this song is premised on the emotional vulnerabilities that are part and parcel of being “human”. And the two narrators (Pink and Khalid) take on two different roles in this track. Pink’s character has a pessimistic outlook of life. Her mind is plagued with negative thoughts. And she acknowledges Khalid as the only one able to ‘make it stop’.

And in that regard, Khalid is a lot more optimistic. But his temperament is not based on blind optimism. Rather he is emboldened by acknowledging that the pair has already “defeated all odds”. Moreover he assures Pink that come what may, he ‘has her back’.

Lyrics of Pink's "Hurts 2B Human"

Thus the choruses of the song are centered on the mutual appreciation between the artists due to holding each other down amidst the inevitable challenges they face in life. In fact they acknowledge that without each other’s support, they “would be losing”. Thus the premise of this song is indeed founded on the pain that is an inescapable part of life. But the conclusion is that with the right type of partner, such trials can be overcome.

Facts about “Hurts 2B Human”

  • “Hurts 2B Human” is the title track and sixth song on the playlist of P!nk’s 2019 album. That album also features the singles “Walk Me Home” and “Hustle“.
  • P!nk and Khalid wrote the song along with Anna-Catherine Hartley, Teddy Geiger and Alexander Izquierdo.
  • It was produced entirely by Jorgen Odegard.
  • “Hurts 2B Human”, which was released as a single, was officially dropped on 22 April 2019 through RCA Records.
  • On 20 February 2019, two months before this track was released, Khalid expressed love for Pink on Twitter. It’s worth mentioning that Khalid is 18 years younger than P!nk. At the release of this song, their respective ages were 21 and 39.

Prior to “Hurts 2B Human” had Pink and Khalid ever worked on a song together?

No. This is the first collaboration between Khalid and P!nk.

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