“Make It Hot” by Major Lazer (ft. Anitta)

The individual who possesses the titular ability to “make it hot” is this Major Lazer song is the song’s singer, Anitta. And when she says “hot”, she means in a naughty sense. Indeed wherever she goes throughout the world, her beauty garners attention. This includes attracting the stares of other ladies’ boyfriends, whom she can have if she so desired. Also if Anitta decides to put her moves (i.e. “twerk”) for a man, she doubts if he can “handle it”.

So overall, what we have here is an ode to the singer’s “sensuality”.  She’s “hot and even arrogant”, meaning that she is fine and not afraid to show it. So in a wider sense, this track reads a lot like a female-empowerment song where the main character is celebrating her beauty, albeit in a conceited, self-glorifying fashion.

Facts about “Make It Hot”

Contrary to what some think, this isn’t Major Lazer’s first collaboration with Anitta. Major Lazer featured Anitta before on their 2017 track “Sue Cara”.

Major Lazer first teased the release of this particular song via Instagram on 17 June 2019.

“Make It Hot” is featured on Major Lazer’s fourth album, which Diplo has stated will be their last.

Anitta wrote “Make It Hot” alongside Robin P. Francesco, Nija and the track’s producers, Diplo (of Major Lazer) and Boaz van de Beatz.

This collabo was officially released on 19 June 2019.

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