“Me and My Guitar” by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

The overall theme of “Me and My Guitar” is A Boogie lamenting over specific factors in his life which are leading to his depression. More specifically he is addressing his ex-girlfriend. And you can say that the main factor which is depressing him is the fact that he and this lady are no longer together. 

So basically what we have on our hands is the case of an individual being caught up in his feelings, missing his ex girl. But amidst such, as aforementioned, he also brings up other less-than-ideal realities he has to deal with. For instance he notes, being a true product of the ‘hood, that half of his homeys are either locked up or six-feet under. Indeed A Boogie has noted in a related interview that his best friend has been locked down for so long that he hasn’t even been able to enjoy his ascension into rap superstardom. 

So basically the “guitar” in this song is a representation of the artist’s misery.  Indeed he states that it is a remnant of his relationship with said ex. But more to the symbolic point is that he being a musician, this particular instrument is the one he would pick up when it’s time to write a sad song.

Lyrics of "Me and My Guitar"

Creation Credits

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie wrote “Me and My Guitar” along with the track’s producers, Louis Bell and Watt.

Release Date of “Me and My Guitar”

This song came out, via Atlantic Records and Highbridge The Label, on 14 February 2020. It is featured on the album, “Artist 2.0” (which is the third studio album from A Boogie). “Artist 2.0” also features the hit song “Numbers“.

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