“1000 Nights” by Ed Sheeran (ft. Meek Mill & A Boogie wit da Hoodie)

The “1000 Nights” which comprises the title and primary theme of this song is a representation of the considerable amount of time the artists have spent on tour. This term makes an appearance in the track’s chorus (which Ed Sheeran sings). It likely points at least partially to his Divide Tour, which began in March 2017 and lasted for at least two years. And while this amount of time does not equal a square “1000 nights”, it does come pretty darn close at a length of almost two and-a-half years of the tour.

And in his solo verse this is the topic he sings about, being on tour – especially during his early days when it was a struggle to do so – and comparing it to the mega success he is currently experiencing. 

Meek Mill on the other hand raps primarily about his overall achievements.  And when it comes to the subject of touring, he brings up the fact that he has visited exotic locations such as Ibiza and has the wherewithal to entertain an entire stadium full of people. Meanwhile the main topic of A Boogie’s section is his relationship with women. However he does take time out to hail the triumvirate of he, Meek Mill and Ed Sheeran as being “just like the Beatles”, basically meaning he refers to himself and his collaborators as music icons. And in terms of his own touring experiences, he states that he brings his girlfriend with him “from New York out to London” and anywhere else he may find himself. In conclusion, “1000 Nights” is a song premised on the artists’ experiences on the road. And out of the three of them, Sheeran sticks most-faithfully to this topic. 

However, the featured rappers also mention how life is for them on the road. And all things considered, the listener gets a relatively intimate glimpse of what it is like to be a touring music superstar.

Lyrics of "1000 Nights"

Quick Facts about “1000 Nights”

“1000 Nights” is the first time Sheeran, Meek Mill or A Boogie wit da Hoodie have collaborated with each other.

A different trio – Boi-1da, Fred Gibson and Jahann Sweet – produced the track. They also assisted the aforementioned vocalists in writing its lyrics.

“1000 Nights” is featured on Ed’s No. 6 Collaborations Project (which is considered one of 2019’s biggest albums). Both were released by Asylum Records along with Atlantic Records on 12 July 2019.

Did “1000 Nights” come out as a single?

No. The album No. 6 Collaborations Project (which it is featured on) was supported by 6 singles. “1000 Nights” wasn’t one of them. The singles in question are as follows:

NOTE: Every single track on the album features Ed collaborating with artist(s) he is a huge fan of.

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