“Numbers” by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie (ft. Gunna, Roddy Ricch and London on da Track)

Running numbers is a popular colloquial term which is used to refer to illegal-lottery schemes which are run by organized-crime syndicates. And in the chorus of this song, Roddy Ricch mentions that he and his collaborators are ‘running up them numbers’. But all lyrics considered, what he appears to be referencing is the idea of the artists making a lot of money. Indeed as expected in a track featuring these particular vocalists, there are a few of references sprinkled throughout alluding to their wealth and high standing in the game. 

Also they make it pretty plain that they and even more specifically certain associates they have possess no issues with resorting to the gat. So conclusively, it is safe to say that the two primary themes of this song are the artists’ success (i.e. wealth) and street-based lifestyles. In other words, despite making it big, they still more or less keep it ‘hood. But based on the title of the track, we can say that the intended primary focus is indeed A Boogie’s and the others’ come up.

Lyrics of "Numbers"

Facts about “Numbers”

“Numbers” was released as part of A Boogie’s album “Artist 2.0” on 14 February 2020.

London on da Track produced this tune along with Dez Wright.

London is also one of its songwriters along with Roddy, A Boogie and Gunna.

A Boogie has respectively teamed up with vocalists Gunna and Roddy a handful of times prior to “Numbers”. Moreover London has worked with A Boogie pretty extensively, including producing quite a few tunes on “Artist 2.0”. However, contrary to what is implied in the billing, he does not contribute vocally to this song.

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