Meaning of “Aint Goin Back” by Russ

The lyrics of “Aint Goin Back” see America rapper Russ expressing a lack of desire to go back to the life he was living before he became a rap star. This is based primarily on the fact that he is thoroughly enjoying things as they currently stand – so much so that he takes a considerable amount of time out to make fun of haters who have fallen behind in the game.

Russ’ contentment in the present is not only based on what he has already accomplished but also excessive optimism towards what the future has in store. But when it comes to recollecting the past, his thoughts are not as joyful. For instance, he can remember his mother being so stressed out financially that she cried. He also recalls many days spent aimlessly on the grind. Yet one thing he has never lacked is confidence. In fact now that he has become famous and has to deal with the criticisms that are part and parcel of making it in the game, his self-assuredness has even decreased.

By and large, though this track is dedicated to Russ dissing haters by comparing his level of accomplishments to theirs. On top of that, he also states that he is more talented and points out areas of his life in general that he deems are superior. And overall, the sentiment he is relaying is that while he has already achieved an enviable lifestyle, he is going to continue to work hard towards even greater success, much to the dismay of his haters.

Lyrics of Russ' "Ain't Goin Back"

All in all, in this song, Russ is telling the world that he is not going back to his old life, as he enjoys the present more considering the success he has achieved. 

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