“Take You Back” by Russ & Kehlani

The vocalists (Russ and Kehlani) of this song portray the role of lovers. And the premise is based on the age-old tale of the dude messing up, and then the lady countering by ‘f**king up’ herself. So now their relationship is really in a bad place. But that being said, Russ is basically begging for forgiveness and for Kehlani to ‘take him back’. But she is not overly anxious to do so. This is not only due to him initiating their discontent but also because she is convinced that he has the tendency to repeat such behavior. So even though she admits that she does in fact love him, conclusively she does not give him a definitive answer concerning the reestablishment of their romance.

Russ first previewed this song, via Instagram Live, on 13 July 2020. It was subsequently officially released as a standalone single on 28 August 2020, and it marks the first time he and Kehlani have dropped a track together.

This song was written by Russ alongside Kehlani, with the former also serving as its producer. And Russ has gone on to say that this is one of his personal “favorite songs ever”.

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