“One More Chance” by Russ

Russ’ “One More Chance” finds him admitting to having messed up his relationship and wants to make amends by apologizing to his lover. His previous actions seem to have been the bone of contention between them thus he is willing to make things work if he is given the opportunity.

Throughout the first verse and chorus, he emphasizes on the fact that he wants his partner back and is willing to swallow his pride and beg for her return. There is a twist in the second verse when he reveals that he saw her break his trust. He further accuses her of being petty and mean when she’s angry, making things even more difficult for both of them.

In an Instagram live video to release the song, Russ explained that though the initial verse of the song shows that he is apologetic about the mistake he made, the second verse which is unrelated brings out a new issue of whether he should be apologizing or to share the blame with this person.

Russ exclusively composed and produced “One More Chance”. And August the Second of 2020 was the day he officially made it available for download and streaming.

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