Meaning of “making the bed” by Olivia Rodrigo ​

In the song “making the bed”, Olivia Rodrigo reflects on her actions and acknowledges her role in creating her current situation, which seems to be filled with regret and disillusionment. Throughout the first part, she mentions forcing things, pretending to be older, and having unfulfilling conversations, pointing to a sense of loss and confusion.

She uses the metaphor “making the bed” to indicate that she has crafted her own discomfort and dissatisfaction, suggesting that she is grappling with the outcomes of her choices, which have led to a life that feels unfulfilled and not what she had hoped for.

In the second part of the song, Rodrigo shares a recurring nightmare where she’s losing control. This apparently symbolizes her feelings of her life spiraling out of control. She talks about the superficial relationships she maintains, feeling like a “tourist attraction”. This to me, indicates her loss of genuine connection and perhaps feeling used or misunderstood.

The chorus and post-chorus reveal her tiredness and realization that she has pushed away the close people in her life, seeking refuge in a life that doesn’t truly satisfy her.

“Well, sometimes I feel like I don’t wanna be where
I am Gettin’ drunk at a club with my fair-weather friends
Push away all the people who know me the best
But it’s me who’s been makin’ the bed
I’m so tired of bein’ the girl that I am
Every good thing has turned into somethin’ I dread
And I’m playin’ the victim so well in my head
But it’s me who’s been makin’ the bed”

In the end, “making the bed” navigates feelings of regret and the acknowledgment that Olivia’s current predicaments are results of her own actions. It paints some sort of picture of inner turmoil and the harsh reality of self-made distress.

“making the bed” is such a sad song

The song is very sad. It is also very relatable. Olivia shares deep emotions. It is about relationships. It is about friendships. Furthermore it talks about our personal lives too.

We feel a roller coaster of emotions. It feels like a moment of crisis that touches everyone who listens to it. It is like she knows what we are going through. She gives a voice to our feelings. It is a song that understands us. It is very powerful and emotional. All in all, the lyrics help us to feel and reflect deeply.

“Push away all the people who know me the best”

The line above is one of the lines of “making the bed” that really captured my attention. And why? This is because at some point in my life I was doing the exact same thing when I was battling major depression.

It speaks to my experience. I pushed people away. These were good people that were very close to me. I did this for a long time and it makes me really sad and regretful today. The song understands me. It feels like it tells my story. It is like a mirror to my life, which is why I connect with it deeply. Put simply, it gives words to my feelings and helps me see myself clearly. It is a very personal song for me.

NOTE: In times of depression, pushing away people isn’t good. These people know you well. They care about you. They can offer support. Isolation can increase sadness. It can make you feel more alone. It is important to keep connections. Talk to someone you trust. Share your feelings. They might help you see things differently. Let them be there for you. It is okay to lean on others. Keeping relationships can be a source of strength. It may not solve everything, but it can help. You don’t have to face depression alone. Reach out, even when it’s hard. It is a brave and healthy step to take.

When was “making the bed” released?

On 8th September, 2023, “making the bed” was released. It’s the sixth track listed in Olivia’s second album, “Guts”.

I personally think this album talks about growing up. It shows the hard part of leaving old things and friends behind. It tells us that growing up can be confusing.

Each song shares a story of change. It is about saying goodbye to old friends and moving on. But it also shows that it is not always easy to know what is right.

Yet, there is hope in the music. The project tells us that it is okay to be confused. It says that growing up is a good thing, even if it’s hard sometimes. It makes listeners feel seen and understood as they figure out their own paths.

I love Olivia Rodrigo so much. She is an artist I respect deeply. Every song she writes is full of emotion. This is very clear in her new album.

She shows deep feelings in her songs. It’s something that I truly admire. The “Sour” album is also great. I am very proud of her achievements.

She stands tall as a woman. She also stands tall as an artist. Her music speaks to many people. I am one of those deeply touched by her work.

Every track she makes is amazing. She is very talented and genuine. Olivia Rodrigo is an artist who truly cares. Her music is something very special. It’s wonderful to see her shine so brightly.

Making the Bed

Writing credits

Olivia worked with Dan Nigro on this track.

But who really is Dan Nigro? This is a guy who wears many hats in the music world — he’s a producer, songwriter, and sometimes a musician too. He’s pretty well-known for teaming up with a bunch of artists to make music. A big deal in his career was helping Olivia Rodrigo with her first album “Sour” in 2021. He’s been involved in a lot of cool projects and worked with a diverse group of artists over time.

You are not alone if you have been touched by this song

This song has touched so many people. You can find comfort in knowing many have cried just like you while listening to it. It’s not just a song, but a shared experience of emotion. It reaches deep inside and strikes a chord, bringing out tears and maybe even offering a sense of relief. You are part of a much larger group who feel the song’s beauty and pain. You are not alone in this.

It is a truly gorgeous song, resonating with so many people, touching our hearts in a profound way. It’s a piece that brings us together in vulnerability and understanding. It speaks to the beauty of shared human experience. Remember, you are not alone in your feelings. It’s a song that has created a community of empathy and understanding. It is more than music; it’s a companion in tough times, offering solace and understanding.

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