Meaning of “​logical” by Olivia Rodrigo ​

In Olivia Rodrigo’s song “logical”, she sings about a relationship where she feels manipulated and deceived. The song opens with her admitting that she put herself through a lot for someone who didn’t treat her well, symbolizing their control over her with the phrase “Master manipulator”.

She goes on to share her confusion and the emotional turmoil she experiences. And she does this by portraying a toxic relationship where she was made to believe in lies to the extent that she doubts obvious truths. According to her, this even forced her to start thinking “two plus two equals five”.

In the chorus and later verses, Olivia uses vivid imagery to express feeling trapped and manipulated further in the relationship, even acknowledging her own part in allowing the toxic cycle to continue, suggesting a complex, painful emotional entanglement.

She brings up broken promises and the sensation of being trapped in a narrative that constantly shifts based on false realities created by her partner, making her question her own judgment and feelings.

The use of contradictory phrases like “the sky is green, the grass is red” highlights the distortion of reality she experienced. Towards the end, she expresses regret for not stopping it. She goes on to admit her part in the relationship’s dysfunction. She then goes on to reveal a deep sense of self-reproach and realization that love isn’t always logical.

When was “logical” released?

“logical” was released on 8th September, 2023. It is the seventh track on the tracklist of Rodrigo’s second album, “Guts”.

Who wrote this track?

Olivia wrote this track with two other co-writers. They are:

  • Dan Nigro
  • Julia Michaels

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