Meaning of “get him back!” by Olivia Rodrigo

“Get him Back!” finds Olivia Rodrigo singing about her mixed feelings towards a guy she had a relationship with. In the beginning, they had fun and went to lots of parties, but he wasn’t honest and would flirt with her friends.

Even though he did bad things, she misses the good times they had together, feeling sad and wishing she could experience the happy moments again. She is torn between loving and hating him, feeling an urge to get back with him but also wanting to take revenge for the hurt he caused.

In the other parts of the song, Olivia expresses her conflict of wanting to hurt him and also wanting to be with him again. She fantasizes about different ways to take revenge, like damaging his car or telling his mom bad things about him, but at the same time, she imagines being close to him again.

She also sings about writing letters to him that she never sends, because she remembers the pain he caused her. Towards the end of the song, she seems determined to get him back in a way that would make him both love and hate her, highlighting her confusion and the complexity of her feelings.

When was “get him back!” released?

On 8th September, 2023, “get him back!” was released. It is the eighth track on the tracklist of Olivia’s album, “Guts” (which is her second studio album).

Who wrote this track?

Rodrigo paired with Dan Nigro to write this song. Additionally, Nigro worked with Alexander 23 to product “get him back!”.

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