Meaning of “Beez in the Trap” by Nicki Minaj (ft. 2 Chainz)

The phrase “beez in the trap” has been widely interpreted in different ways, with the meaning being somewhat open to interpretation based on its usage in the lyrics. “Beez in the Trap” was released in 2012 as a part of her second studio album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”.

In the context of the song, “beez in the trap” seems to refer to being steadfast or stuck in one’s current lifestyle or environment, potentially involving money, success, or the hustle to achieve and maintain it.

“Trap” in this context refers to the environment one is in, often related to the world of drug dealing or a challenging environment; however, it is used metaphorically in the song to discuss Minaj’s experiences in the music industry and her life.

The “beez” part of the phrase can be seen as a playful or creative variation on the word “be” — so “beez in the trap” essentially means “to be in the trap”. It conveys a sense of being immersed in a particular kind of lifestyle, and through the song, it seems to represent Nicki Minaj’s authenticity and realness in her career and her commitment to her roots despite her fame and success.

The phrase can be seen as a boast about authenticity and a rejection of criticisms or doubts about her legitimacy in the rap industry. It’s a declaration of her genuine and hard-earned status in a difficult industry. It is advisable to listen to the song and interpret the phrase within the broader context of the lyrics and the artist’s experiences and persona.

“Bi–hes ain’t s–t and they ain’t sayin’ nothing
A hundred mother–kers can’t tell me nothing
I beez in the trap, bee-beez in the trap
I beez in the trap, bee-beez in the trap”

When was “Beez in the Trap” released?

This track came out on 2nd April, 2012. It was the second single of Minaj’s second album, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”.


Minaj worked with Kenoe and 2 Chainz in the writing of “Beez in the Trap”.

Kenoe was also the sole producer of the track.

Gold Certified

“Beez in the Trap” was certified Gold in the United States having sold 500,000 units to date.

Beez in the Trap

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