“No Problem” by Chance the Rapper (ft. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz)

Thematically, “No Problem” is centered on Chance the Rapper threatening the music industry. You see Chance is a musician who managed to blow up, win Grammys even, as an independent artist. And whereas the opportunity for him to sign with major labels has undoubtedly presented itself, he has refused. 

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The refrain/chorus of this song actually presents such entities as his enemies, i.e. those who are ‘trying to stop’ his progress. So it is they most specifically whom he is telling they “don’t want no problem” with him. Or if they do prod the Rapper, he is going to send his hitters, whom he describes as “some dreadhead n–gas”, directly to their offices to confront them. So even though he doesn’t go as far as to actually namedrop any record companies or music executives, this is still one of the few cases we’ve come across whereby a rapper is complaining about the business side of the music industry, so to speak.

Now again, that is the theme upon which the title/chorus is based. But as for the actual verses, they don’t actually read so. Instead Chance, who leads off the crusade by also holding down the first verse, really sounds more as if he is threatening street opps therein. 

Indeed this is one of his more ‘hood-centered raps in general, i.e. Chano adopting a more mainstream hip-hop disposition instead of the colorful type of intellectualism he is most known for. For instance, he dedicates a few bars to unfavorably addressing a “b–ch” that apparently “tried to cheat” on him. He also alludes to being rich and making some type of major business moves. So in other words, most simply put he is being braggadocious.

2 Chainz and Lil Wayne

But logically speaking, Chance adopting such a braggadocious attitude would have something to do with who he is collaborating with, i.e. two artists from whom such boasting is more of a standard. For instance, 2 Chainz doesn’t seem to speak to the music industry theme at all. Instead he promptly proceeds to present himself as a genuinely wild dude from a genuinely wild ‘hood. And by the time his passage is said and done, he also lets it be known that he’s paid and a “captain” in the game. In his eyes, these realities are a manifestation of a personal blessing.

Meanwhile Lil Wayne’s verse is more like a freestyle, so to speak. That is to say that he doesn’t really harp on any one topic for too long. However, this was during the era when the release of his highly-anticipated album “Tha Carter V” (which eventually came out in 2018) was on indefinite delay due to contract disputes he was having with his parent label. 

Wayne does use the opportunity of this feature to depict himself as the victim in that dilemma, likely referencing the ordeal intentionally in the name of complying to the aforementioned theme. But outside of that, we are treated to the type of random musings that Weezy is known for. For instance, he makes various references to drugs/weed. He also lets it be known that he is well-paid, even keeping “a milli”, i.e. a million dollars, stashed around his house. Also present at the domicile of Tunechi are scores of model-level, half-dressed women. So like Chance and 2 Chainz before him, this particular vocalist also establishes the fact that he is very much chillin’.


By the time all is said and done, such would actually be what this song is truly about – i.e. the artists being big men – at least as far as the verses are concerned. But the chorus itself isn’t as braggadocious and self-exalting. Rather the main vocalist has perhaps been the only rapper thus far in the 21st century to really blow up without signing with a label. Thus we can say that he possesses a higher level of freedom in terms of the topics he can rap about. He capitalizes on that liberty by decrying the labels themselves, depicting them as the ultimate haters if you will, i.e. organizations that will not allow him to do his thing musically as an independent artist.

Lyrics to "No Problem"

“No Problem” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Chance the Rapper
Featured Artist(s): Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz
Mixtape: “Coloring Book” 

Was “No Problem” a single release?

Yes. On May 26 of 2016, Chance released this as the 2nd single from his 3rd mixtape.


In addition to Wayne and Chance, the writing of “No Problem” is officially credited to Ivan Jackson and Tauheed Epps.

It was produced by Brasstracks.


According to Rolling Stone, “No Problem” was one of the best songs of 2016.

Furthermore, “No Problem” made it onto Billboard’s Hot 100 charts in both Canada and the United States.

  • US (# 43)
  • Canada (# 94)
No Problem

The “Coloring Book” Mixtape

American rapper Chance the Rapper released his third mixtape with the title, “Coloring Book” on the 13th of May, 2016.

The mixtape was recorded at the Chicago Recording Company (CRC) in Chicago, Illinois. It  was jointly produced by The Social Experiment (a group which includes Chance himself) and a number of record producers including, Kanye West, Kirk Franklin, J.P. Floyd, Garren Sean, Greg Landfair Jr. among others.

Within its first week of release in the United States, “Coloring Book” recorded over 57 million streams, equivalent to 38,000 album units, according to Billboard. It landed on the Billboard 200 at No. 8, becoming the first mixtape to enter the chart relying on online streams alone. The mixtape remained on the said chart for 33 consecutive weeks.

It was placed at No. 6 on Pitchfork’s list, “The 50 Best Albums of 2016”. Rolling Stone placed it at No. 3 on its “50 Best Albums of 2016” list. “Coloring Book” was second behind Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” on the list, “The 50 Best Albums of 2016” by American media company, Complex Networks.

The mixtape occupied impressive positions on a number of polls and charts, making it 2016’s most prominently ranked album, according to Metacritic.

“Coloring Book” won the “Best Rap Album” award at the 59th edition of the annual Grammy Awards held in 2017.

It has been certified gold in Denmark by IFPI Danmark.

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