Meaning of “Girls Need Love” by Summer Walker

“Girls Need Love” is the title of a single from the Atlanta, Georgia based artist Summer Walker. The lyrics of the song come from a female’s perspective and express frustration of not being able to find satisfactory intimate love from a man. The track has a neo-soul sound that is currently popular amongst female R&B artists in the United States.

Girls Need Love lyrics

Facts about “Girls Need Love”

  • Despite the track being about ‘girls needing love’ and lyrics specifying such coming from a man, there isn’t a single male in the entire music video.
  • This song was written by Summer Walker in conjunction with songwriter Arsenio Archer.
  • The entire production of the song was handled by Archer (who co-wrote the song).
  • This tune was released as a single off of Summer Walker’s debut album Last Day of Summer. The official release date of the album was October of 2018. However, the single itself was released on 26 July 2018.
  •  This track has a tone of female liberation, as its lyrics express feelings not commonly found in tracks sung by women.
  • In January 2019, American singer and actor Trevor Jackson released a remix or rather cover of this song. His remix was released under the title “Boys Need Love 2”. Jackson’s cover was done in such a way that it appears to be responding to Summer Walker’s original version.
  • On February 27, 2019, Summer Walker released a remix of “Girls Need Love”. The remix featured noted rapper Drake. Owing to Drake’s presence on the remix, it became even more famous than the original.

7 Responses

  1. Tracy Sullivan says:

    Girls need love is not an expression of what girls need to be hearing especially under age girls. It is very demeaning and girls are not a women yet. Every time i hear it I get sick to my stomach. These girls fast as it is now and are in a hurry to grow up.

  2. Typical Me says:

    The song is amazing! No where in the song does it suggests that younger girls are urged to be having any explicit relationship with another. Rather the song just suggest that “girls” should have the right to have affection. This could be taken as a literal or verbal sense. Woman aren’t always seen to be the intimate one in a relationship; however, there seen as a toy or a source of enjoyment for men. When girls want love they aren’t seen or viewed the same as when a man wants love. Instead women are called inappropriate or downgrading slurs/terms when they open about there feelings or there expression upon love. Summer Walker is clearly using this as a way to open a gate way for women to start normalizing that they want love too, and to break barriers of double standards of women. We all need love and we should all be able to express it in a way that won’t cause us to be judged. Thus, it’s the parents issue for letting their kids hear something that they don’t want them to be influenced by. The song clearly states on it’s album “Parental Advisory” Summer Walker is not to be blamed; however, the parents monitoring their children should be. Music comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms. If you want your children to hear kidz pop then enforce them too. Don’t go on social media undermining certain things because of your naggy and pitless opinions that no one wants to hear. A song always has a meaning behind it and you should be able to understand the meaning behind the song as it always relates to certain problems or issues in the status quo.

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