“I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker (ft. Jhené Aiko)

Summer Walker’s “I’ll Kill You” displays what is now becoming a common theme in R&B music, that of the jealous girlfriend. Or more to the point, as the title suggests, it showcases the mentality of ladies who are bound to catch a body if their lovers make fools out of them on the romantic tip. But it should be noted that the word “kill” is never actually mentioned in the lyrics. 

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So in this particular case, it can be said that Summer and Jhené are operating more along the lines of firmly warning their lovers not to cheat, though there are some concealed threats of violence. Or as Summer puts it from the onset, ‘if it ain’t her or her boyfriend’s mama’, she doesn’t want to see him showing any other females love. And as Jhené points out, if her man does show love to any woman outside of these two ladies, it’s going to cause beef between she and the recipient of such affections. 

So on the surface “I’ll Kill You” may read as if the artists are out to restrict the social freedoms of their romantic partners. But the sentiment it is really meant to highlight is that they have “been waiting so long for a love like this” and accordingly are deeply vested, even for life according to Aiko. And as such, they do not want to meet with the disappoint of an unfaithful partner.

Lyrics of "I'll Kill You"

Quick Facts about “I’ll Kill You”

There are quite a few hitmakers behind the production of this song. And they are as follows:

  • Roark Bailey
  • London on the Track
  • Aubrey Robinson
  • Scott Storch

The four producers also contributed to writing the lyrics of “I’ll Kill You” along with Summer and Jhené.

This can be considered the first original collaboration between Summer Walker and Jhené Aiko, although Summer was featured on the official remix of Jhené’s “Triggered”, which was actually released just a couple of days prior to “I’ll Kill You”.

Interscope Records and LVRN released “I’ll Kill You” on 4 October 2019. This track is one of the songs on the playlist of Summer’s debut album, “Over It”.

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