“Girls Need Love (Remix)” by Summer Walker & Drake

As the title implies, “Girls Need Love (Remix)”, is a remix by singer Summer Walker and rapper Drake. The lyrics of this remix see Summer talking about the same issues she addressed in the original version of the song. And what are these issues? Her dire need for love, intimate attention and affection from a guy.  

Drake uses his verses (especially the song’s third verse) to assure Summer not to worry about her wishes and needs. And why? Because he is there to make them a reality. He would make sure she gets all the intimate attention, affection and love she craves for. And why? Simply because he knows girls need love too.

Facts about “Girls Need Love (Remix)”

  •  The songwriters credited with writing this track are: Summer Walker, Drake and Arsenio Archer.
  • Arsenio Archer also receives sole production credits on “Girls Need Love (Remix)”. He was also credited as the sole producer of the song’s original version.
  • February 27, 2019 was the day Summer and Drake officially dropped this track.
  • This is the official remix of “Girls Need Love” (which Summer released in July 2018).
  • This track is officially Drake’s first material to come out in 2019.

Who is Summer Walker?

Summer Walker is an American R&B singer. She was born in Georgia on April 11, 1996. Summer began making a name for herself as a teenager using the social media site Instagram. On this platform, Summer consistently promoted her music to all who would listen. In doing so, she garnered tens of thousands of followers. Summer’s hard work and talent eventually got her a record deal with LVRN and Interscope Records.

Summer Walker
R&B singer Summer Walker

In 2018, Summer was catapulted to stardom with the release of her breakout hit single titled “Girls Need Love“.

Is this Summer Walker’s first collaboration with Drake?

Yes! Considering, Summer was a rising artist as of the time of the collaboration, this remix boosted her career greatly. Summer was so flabbergasted by Drake wanting to work with her that she couldn’t believe her eyes. On the day, the remix was released, she took to Twitter to express her heartfelt thanks to Drake.

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