“Karma” by Summer Walker

It is said that the song “Karma” was inspired by Summer Walker’s experiences as a stripper in her hometown of Atlanta, a city that is well known for housing such entertainment venues. And stripping is a line of work where patrons, understandably, have a tendency to fall in love with workers. And it is from such a general disposition that the sentiments of this song are being relayed. 

In other words, the addressee appears to be completely smitten by Summer. But as for the latter, she obviously sees their relationship as more of a business or temporary type of arrangement.

Furthermore, the vocalist’s conscience is not bothering her for using guys in such a manner, so to speak. Why? That’s because the way she sees it, this is just “karma” coming back to bite them in the behind. Or explained otherwise, these selfsame addressees have the tendency to mistreat the women who rather love them. Then on top of that, they go about as if they are spotless. 

So Summer appears to derive some satisfaction from instead causing them to ‘lose their minds’, as this time around they’ve fallen in love with a lady who is even more playa-oriented than they are.

Lyrics of Summer Walker's "Karma"


All in all, Summer is acting as an agent of romantic karma against playas by breaking their hearts.

When was “Karma” released?

This track is from “Last Day of Summer”, the mixtape Summer Walker dropped on 19 October 2018. 

This dates back to an era in Walker’s career prior to her having come out with any studio albums. And that particular project was backed by Interscope and another label known as Love Renaissance (LVRN).

“Karma” wasn’t released as a single from “Last Day of Summer”. However, it went on to become one of the project’s most liked songs. In all, three singles were released to commercially support the project in question. One of these singles was the hit song “Girls Need Love“.


“Karma” was produced and co-written by Arsenio Archer, with the other writer being Summer Walker.


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