“Something Real” by Summer Walker, London on da Track & Chris Brown

In “Something Real”, singers Summer Walker and Chris Brown portray two lovers who are obviously now initiating their romance. Summer begins by referencing her ex-boyfriend and how she does not want another punk like him. At the heart of her gripe is the fact that he did not live up to her economic ideologies.  Indeed, what the songstress truly desires is a man “worth about six figures”. So she is letting anyone currently interested in romancing her know this from the jump. 

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And Chris Brown is one such person who is strongly attracted. Thus via the utilization of drip-related metaphors, he lets her know that he is in fact prepared to materially enrich her. Moreover he is apparently in it for the long run, as he fantasizes about the two of them starting a family. 

So the title alludes to the idea that they both want “something real”. That term is meant to summarize the ideas that they desire not only a lasting relationship but also one with the type of partner they feel will satisfy them on all necessary levels. And they perceive each other as having the potential to fulfill those needs.

Lyrics of "Something Real"

Quick Facts about “Something Real”

“Something Real” was produced by London on da Track.

As of the release date of this song, 22 November 2019, he is dating Summer Walker. Thus they have logically collaborated quite extensively in the past.

However “Something Real” marks the first time he or Summer Walker have worked with Chris Brown in a performing capacity.  But Breezy did co-write a song Summer Walker dropped earlier this year, “Over It”, along with London.

And “Something Real” was also written by both Chris Brown and London on da Track, alongside Summer Walker and Nija.

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