Meaning of “Inside Your Mind” by The 1975

“Inside Your Mind” is a ballad recorded and released in 2018 by The 1975. On this ballad, lead singer Matty Healy directly speaks to a significant other of his. He is so curious to know what she is thinking that he wishes he could crack open her mind to take a look inside. Hence the song’s title “Inside Your Mind”.

During a 2018 interview the band had with Pitchfork magazine, Matty explained what the lyrics of the ballad are all about. According to him, the song is just about wanting to know what your lover is thinking. He added that it is about being so eager to know what they are thinking that you just want to use something to break “their head open” and see for yourself.

If you thought Matty’s explanation was morbid, you are not alone. Even Matty himself knows it is. He told Pitchfork that he was aware of the morbidity of that and that he sometimes likes the idea of morbid romance. Besides, when he explained the meaning of the song to his girlfriend, she liked it too.

Lyrics of "Inside Your Mind"

Facts about “Inside Your Mind”

  • Every single member of The 1975 is given songwriting credit on this morbidly themed ballad.
  • The members of the band are: Ross MacDonald, George Daniel, Matthew “Matty” Healy and Adam Hann.
  • When it came to the song’s production, unlike the writing, only Matty and George handled it.
  • “Inside Your Mind” came out on November 30, 2018. It is the 10th track on November 2018 released album A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. The forenamed album was the third studio album of the group.
  • The 1975 didn’t make a music video for this song.

Was “Inside Your Mind” released as a single?

No. A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships had 5 singles, including the hit “Sincerity Is Scary”. This ballad wasn’t one of the five singles of that album.

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