“Wintering” by The 1975

The 1975’s “Wintering” is actually a Christmas song, with said holiday highlighting the winter season in places like the United States. Also, this is The 1975 we’re dealing with. So when you combine those two realities, we are treated to a piece that is lyrically clever but also frank to some extent. 

That is to say, in the latter regard, that the lyrics do a good job of illustrating what Matt Healy has inferred is the thesis sentiment of this song, i.e. having the desire to visit the fam during the holidays yet at the same time not really wanting to deal with the hassle. 

He also explained that this piece is meant to be humorous and a lighthearted interlude, if you will, amongst the other tracks found on “Being Funny in a Foreign Language”.

So what we are met with are these terse yet colorful descriptions of various people whom the vocalist comes across in his family house. In explaining this song, Matt has stated that some of these characters were inspired by his real life relatives. But out of all the different figures who are identified, the only one whom it is specified the vocalist has a blood relation with ‘his mum’, who pops up in the second verse and bridge.

In the second verse, Matt states his intention to give mom his chair “because her back hurts”. 

Subsequently, the bridge actually revolves around the two of them getting into a dispute, as mom cheese doesn’t like being presented as “frumpy and old” in song. And so it is with “Wintering”.

Final Thoughts on “Wintering”

Yes, it is a bit rare in the 21st century to come across a straight-up comedic song by an act as popular and mainstream as The 1975 are. However, such phenomena is a bit more common, if you will, in their homeland of the United Kingdom, and it may be that come closer to Christmastime, this tune will prove to be a hit.

Lyrics to The 1975's "Wintering"

Credits for “Wintering”

This is another song that Matt Healy and George Daniel co-wrote and co-produced for “Being Funny in a Foreign Language”. 

Jack Antonoff, who is one of the most prolific songwriters and producers of 2022, also lent to the production of the album. Jacob Bugden served as an additional writer of “Wintering”.

Song’s Release Date

This track was brought to us via Dirty Hit, the same label responsible for virtually the entirety of The 1975’s catalog to date.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    He does reference his father in the song, too. “Dads an Otis Redding at a wedding type of guy with the best voice you’ve ever heard”

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