Meaning of “102” by The 1975

“102” is a song by the English band The 1975. The lyrics of “102” deal with the themes of friendship and romantic love.

Speaking with BBC 1 Radio, lead singer of The 1975, Matty Healy, revealed that the song’s lyrics are autobiographical. According to him, they are about a “girl(friend)” whom he loved with all his heart. However, she didn’t feel the same way about him.

Healy referred to her as an “absolutely beautiful” girl whom he became very close friends with. And the closer they got, the more Healy fell for her. But interestingly enough, he never let her know how he felt about her.

He told BBC 1 Radio that the song “102” is all about the beautiful times he shared with the girl in question. He further revealed that he and this girl were extremely so close that they even had their own special traditions.

But does he still think of her?

Yes, he does. According to Healy, whenever he finds himself not asleep in the wee hours (precisely 1:02 AM), his mind gets filled with thoughts of her.

But why does he always think of her around 1:02 AM?

According to him, while they were friends, they often both coincidentally found themselves “out at exactly 1:02 AM”. For this reason whenever it’s that time and he isn’t asleep, he thinks of her.

Matty Healy on the meaning of "102"


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