“Blue World” by Mac Miller

Of course the title of this track does lend to the idea of the “world” being a “blue”, i.e. depressing, place. We all know that Mac has had his struggles with depression (and drugs). And such is the idea which the chorus seems to be based on. This is on top of the notion that the world itself is making Miller “crazy”. 

Meanwhile the first verse features a narrative where the artist and some of his homies almost got into some beef one day while “in the city”. However, they’re ultimately able to laugh the situation off. 

And the second verse centers on a another memorable day in which the artist was riding in a car with his girlfriend. He apparently reminisces on this peaceful event as a contrast to the negativity which perpetually surrounds him. And such can be said for the first verse also. That is that these stories are intended to illustrate times in which Mac has been able to enjoy the simple things in life despite being situated in a “Blue World”. 


Indeed all things considered, this track reads a lot like many of his other songs. Or more specifically it is premised on some type of negative aspect of reality, in this case being the narrator’s mental health and less-than-favorable outlook on life. Yet it concludes with him expressing optimism and encouraging the listener to adopt a similar disposition.

Lyrics of "Blue World"

“It’s a Blue World”

The intro to “Blue World” features a sample from a 1950 track entitled “It’s a Blue World” by a band called The Four Freshman.

Writing and Production Credits

This song was produced and co-written by Guy Lawrence, a popular EDM musician who is part of a musical duo known as Disclosure. And the other co-writer is of course Mac Miller (1992-2018) himself.

Release Date

Meanwhile the label behind the track is Warner Records. And they released it as part of Mac Miller’s posthumous project “Circles” on 17 January 2020.

Does Mac Miller reference Ariana Grande in “Blue World”?

Going back to the second verse where Mac Miller references ‘riding with his [expletive]’ in a car, some have come to believe he is actually alluding to his relationship with pop superstar Ariana Grande. Miller and Ariana Grande dated from 2016 to 2018. And the one clue he drops which most blatantly points to the idea that he may be talking about her is that he notes both he and his female partner are “listening to us, no one else, that’s it”, as in enjoying their own music. Meanwhile Mac is not known to have dated any other musicians besides Ariana.

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