Meaning of “Stripped” by Rammstein

This is the cover of a song by Depeche Mode that was originally released in 1985. Due to its title and the nature of the lyrics (particularly in the original version), some fans have concluded that it is a song about an intimate encounter. Or more-specifically it is a song about the singer’s desire to see his partner “stripped” or unclothed. 

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However, a more-careful analysis would indicate that this is not what the track is based on. Most notable among them is the post-chorus, which reads “let me hear you make decision without your television”.  This would seem to indicate that what the singer really means by “stripped” is the addressee being devoid of external influences which conceal the person she is on the inside. So yes, this song is obviously based on a romance, one in which the singer expresses interest in intimate interactions with his partner. However, it seems that he is more interested in spending quality, introspective time with her than anything else.

Facts about “Stripped”

This cover of “Stripped” is featured on the 1998 album For the Masses, which was actually a tribute to Depeche Mode by various artists, and Rammstein were asked to contribute to the project. That version was officially released by A&M Records on 28 July 1998.

Prior to that, Rammstein featured it on special editions of their 1997 album Sehnsucht, which was released by Motor Music and Slash Records.

The music video for this track sparked controversy as it featured footage shot by a World War II era Hitler propagandist. However, Rammstein has set the record straight that they are not Nazi sympathizers and rather used those images for artistic reasons.

Rammstein’s original rendition differed from the Depeche Mode version in that the latter’s chorus reads “let me see you stripped down to the bone”. However, Rammstein’s lead vocalist was unable to pronounce “down to the bone” in English. Owing to this, the aforementioned line isn’t included in Rammstein’s version. In fact “Stripped” was the first song Rammstein dropped completely in English.

The song was produced by Rammstein and record producer Jacob Hellner.

Who wrote “Stripped”?

This track was written solely by Martin L. Gore, Depeche Mode’s primary songwriter.

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