Rammstein’s “Klavier” Lyrics Meaning

“Klavier” contains a peculiar kind of tale that only a band like Rammstein can tell.

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At the center of the story is a boy. And he has apparently murdered someone who has been theorized as being his piano teacher. Thus the track begins with his parents, realizing that something has gone wrong, trying to convince him to open a locked door. But he refuses because of what’s inside. And by the time the track ends, with the door now being forced open, his parents “scream” upon discovering what’s actually inside the room, which is basically a dead body sitting at a piano.

Why did the boy commit the murder?

Now the implied reason the boy has committed such a heinous act is that the lady at the piano broke his heart. In other words, she promised to ‘stay with him always’. But at the end of the day, he has come to realize that she has “played” him. So basically, he is someone like a spurned lover who totally lost control of his emotions.

That being said, it should be noted that is never made abundantly clear who exactly the murdered pianist is. Was she actually his piano teacher who rejected his romantic advances? Or was she just a girlfriend of his who broke his heart? Many fans and analysts believe it is the former. Honestly, to a significant degree, we also think it is the former (his piano teacher).

Lyrics of “Klavier”

Quick Facts about “Klavier”

“Klavier” was written by Rammstein.

The band also produced the track along with Swedish musician Jacob Heliner.

“Klavier” came out, via Motor Music and Slash Records, on 25 August 1997 as part of Rammstein’s second album, “Sehnsucht”.

Wondering what “klavier” means? The word klavier translates from German to English as piano

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