Meaning of “Glued” by Melanie Martinez

As explained by Melanie Martinez, “Glued” is about the concept of “attachment/detachment” within a romance. Or as the songstress elucidated, when a person is attached, i.e. giving themself over completely to a relationship, then the possibility exists of having your heart broken. 

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Meanwhile, if you’re detached, i.e. more of the solo type, you’re not likely to suffer any type of romantic anguish, but at the same time you also won’t have a significant other in your life.

That’s a pretty easy-to-understand concept which, in a way, is actually made more difficult by these lyrics. Or let’s say that “Glued” reads more like a straight-up love song than what has been described above, albeit one that is obviously relayed by a vocalist who has what appears to be related anxiety issues.

Melanie comes off as someone who is able to perceive the benefits of being in a serious relationship, but she can also see the value of not being one. And by the time all is said and done, despite the emotional risks involved, she concludes that being in a real romance is better, as doing so makes life more compelling.

“Glued up, sometimes it’s too much
I’m f–ked up and clueless
I’m stuck in the vortex, stuck in the vortex
Glue-less, life would be boring
Empty, but no hurting
Is it necessary? Detachment is scary”

Release of “Glued”

“Glued” is the title of the fifth song on the tracklisting of Melanie Martinez’s EP entitled “After School”. This track’s release date is September 25 of 2020, which is the same date the “After School” EP was launched.

Writing & Production

The song’s composers are Martinez herself and songwriter and record producer Michael Keenan. The latter also handled the production duties of this track.


The “After School” project marks the singer’s fourth EP, and it was promoted by a single named “The Bakery“.


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