“Piggyback” by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez’s “Piggyback” goes straight to the point in addressing fake people or friends who try to take advantage of others. Melanie begins to recount her childhood and describes it as living in a small town where she had only one best friend or true friend who knew and understood her better.

Considering the lyrical content of the song, it is widely speculated that the chorus is a clear response to Timothy Heller’s rape accusations against Melanie in 2017. The song basically exposes the kind of fake fiends she has had in her life and how badly they try to use her fame to gain attention for themselves. “Piggyback” which is played between two people, where one person hops at the other person’s back and they carry them around depicts the kind of relationships she had where people try to leech off her fame.

While exposing the actions of her back-stabbing friends, Melanie resolves to get rid of all such people who are still present in her life.

Lyrics of "Piggyback"

Quick Facts about “Piggyback” 

  • Melanie Martinez self-released this song on 22 December 2017.
  • This track is considered to be her response to sensual assault allegations made against her by a former friend named Timothy Heller. Heller is also a singer/songwriter and a female. Her full name is Timothy Lauren Heller. And she once used to be a very, very close friend of Martinez’s.
  • “Piggyback” was written exclusively by Melanie Martinez, with the production being handled by her regular collaborator, Michael Kennan.

Has Timothy Heller responded to this song?

As of 2019, she hasn’t. She probably would never respond to it since Martinez actually never mentions her name in the song. And also, Martinez is yet to categorically state that this song is about Heller. But that being said, it’s beyond apparent the song has a lot to do with Heller’s betrayal. Everyone knows this!

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