“Missed You” by The Weeknd

The narrator (The Weeknd) of “Missed You” finds himself trying to cope with the torments brought on by the absence of a past lover. He misses the addressee (his former lover) because he still has remarkably strong feelings for her.

And from the chorus (which is below), we can clearly see that he was the root cause of the demise of his relationship with the addressee. He did something negative that made her leave him. Now all he has is an empty soul and a heart that longs for his babe.

Lyrics of "Missed You"

Attempted Remedies

In an attempt to get over his ex and feel normal, The Weeknd resorts to two things. First, he embarks on a casual affair with another woman, hoping that would help him forget about her. However, it doesn’t work.

His second attempt to remedy the situation is by hurting himself. He even goes as far as hurting himself a “hundred times” just to fill the void in his soul. However, that too doesn’t yield the desired results.

Writing Credits for “Missed You”

The Weeknd and record producer DaHeala penned and produced “Missed You” together.

Release Date

On 30th March, 2020, The Weeknd released this along with two other songs (including “Nothing Compares“). The songs were released as bonus tracks from his 2020 “After Hours” album.

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