“Moon Over Mexico” by Luke Combs

“Moon Over Mexico” finds Luke Combs devotedly recalling the moments he spent in the company of a woman in the North American nation of Mexico. He expresses in the song that lying under the moon on the beach with this person was an unforgettable experience that cannot be replaced.

Throughout the course of the track, the artist uses vivid imagery to describe the sceneries, the Mexican beach, as well as the moments shared with his new lover. Although the trip is long over, the singer cannot seem to get over it and finds himself wishing for it to take place again. He literally regrets leaving the place earlier as he is now stuck with memories of this lady.

“Under a moon over Mexico
Holdin’ onto you as the low tide rolls”

All in all…

The singer basically details his admiration for a new found love, and his thrilling escapade with her on an amazing beach in Mexico.

Facts about “Moon Over Mexico”

Four writers (including Combs) hold the writing credits for “Moon Over Mexico). The other three are: J. Singleton, R. Fulcher and D. Isbell.

This song, which features production from S. Moffatt, came out in 2019. It can be found on Luke’s “What You See Is What You Get” album. It wasn’t issued as a single from its project. Below are the official single releases from “What You See Is What You Get”:

Prior to appearing on the aforementioned album, “Moon Over Mexico” also featured on Comb’s June 2019 EP entitled “The Prequel”.

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