“My Oasis” by Sam Smith (ft. Burna Boy)

In “My Oasis”, the writer appears to be in a jumbled and insecure state since he is interacting with a very unpredictable lover.

Despite the insecurity he feels as a result of his partner’s tricks, the writer repeatedly expresses how much he needs this person, in an attempt to convince them to make up their mind.

Sam frequently uses elements such as water, shadows and the sun to depict how he is mistaking a delusion to be an oasis. Just as an oasis provides some sanctuary and refuge in a dry place, the narrator seems to feel a ray of hope from some of the actions of his partner.

Smith co-wrote this song with its featured artist (Burna Boy) and a songwriter named Jimmy Napes (whose production also features on the track). Swedish songwriter and music producer ILYA also worked with Napes in the song’s production department.

It should be stated that this marked Sam’s first ever collaboration with rapper Burna Boy. According to Sam, he had been a big fan of Burna’s works for a long time. Owing to this, he was excited to finally get the opportunity to collaborate with him.

“My Oasis” was formally released on the 30th of July, 2020.

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  1. My Name Is says:

    This is currently one of my favorite songs. Been listening to it obsessively for the past 2 weeks now. Such a beautiful song.

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