“Never Recover” by Lil Baby, Gunna and Drake

“Never Recover” is a song recorded and performed by rappers Lil Baby, Gunna and Drake. The lyrics of the song see the rappers rapping too proudly about a number of things, most notably their accomplishments, wealth and importance.

In addition to praising themselves and bragging, the rappers also take digs at their haters. For example, in Drake’s verse, he raps about his haters unsuccessfully attempts to stop him from rising. He wraps up the verse by telling them that they “fell off” and will “never recover”.

“You ni**as fell off and you’ll never recover”

On the whole, this is a swaggering anthem that sees the trio rubbing their successes right in the faces of their haters/detractors.  However, in doing so, they do not mention any names.  They tell these haters that they have fallen and will never ever recover.

Facts about “Never Recover”

  • “Never Recover” was penned by all three rappers Drake, Lil Baby and Gunna.
  • Music producers Tay Keith and Turbo handled the production of this highly puffed-up track.
  • “Never Recover” came out on October 5, 2018. It is the 13th and last track from the album Drip Harder. Drip Harder is a 2018 collaborative album by Lil Baby and Gunna. The album also features the Turbo produced hits “Close Friends” and “Drip Too Hard“.
  • Two days before the song’s October 5th release, a part of it was released on the internet.
  • This song is Drake’s second collaboration with Lil Baby. As for Gunna, the song marks the first time Drake is working with him.
  • The song’s title “Never Recover” appears only once in the lyrics. It appears in the last line of Drake’s verse.

Does “Never Recover” sample other songs?

Not really. However, it interpolates the 2014 song “I Don’t Get Tired” by American rapper/singer Kevin Gates.

Was an official music video released along with this track?


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