“Drip Too Hard” by Lil Baby and Gunna

“Drip Too Hard” is a hip hop song by American hip hop recording artists Lil Baby and Gunna. The song’s chorus sees, among other things, Lil Baby talking about how he’s been doing so many gigs and doesn’t care where these shows take him so long as he gets paid.

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In his verse, Lil Baby boasts of things such as his wealth and insane rapping prowess. He also lets the world know he comes from “Atlanta where young ni**as run s**t“. Towards the conclusion of his verse, he talks about his haters hating on him and how he doesn’t bother reading their comments.

In his verse, Gunna brags about raking in big dollars every night (apparently from his shows). He goes on to boast about his expensive possessions such as diamonds and designer items. In the line below, he boasts about taking a private plane in order to avoid being harassed by TSA.

“TSA harass me, so I took a private plane.”

Facts about “Drip Too Hard”

  • The track was co-written by Gunna and Lil Baby. American record producer Turbo is also credited as a songwriter on this track. Over the course of his career, Turbo has worked with a number of prominent hip hop stars ranging from Travis Scott to Young Thug.
  • Turbo (who is also known as Turbo the Great) handled the production of “Drip Too Hard”.
  • This track was officially released to the public on 9th September, 2018. It is a single from the album Drip Harder. Drip Harder is a collaborative album by both Gunna and Lil Baby.
  • “Drip Too Hard” has two verses. Lil Baby handles the first verse whereas Gunna takes the second. The chorus is performed by only Lil Baby.
  • There are several remixes of this track, include one from Nicki Minaj. Minaj’s remix of this song titled “Barbie Drip” came out in February 2019. This remix was very successful.

Is this the first time that Lil Baby has collaborated with Gunna?

Not at all! The pair has collaborated several times in the past. For example, in 2017, Gunna was featured on Lil Baby’s track “Money Forever”.

Have Gunna, Turbo and Lil Baby worked together in the past?

Yes. The trio has worked together on a number of tracks in the past. One such track which features all three men is “Sold Out Dates”, which came out in April 2018.

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