“Girls Want Girls” by Drake and Lil Baby

“Girls Want Girls” is generating a somewhat surprising amount of controversy, as therein Drake refers to himself as “a lesbian”. That proclamation is of course metaphorical, pointing to the idea, as comprehensively utilized, that he too, like a lesbian, desires women sexually. 

And to note, Drizzy doesn’t just make the statement willy-nilly. Rather he is trying to seduce a girl who herself is apparently a lesbian. So in the process of doing so, he is trying to find some common ground, so to speak.

It may also be that, in the grand scheme of contemporary American hip-hop, he is suggesting that the two of them invite another lady to a threesome. So at the end of the day, even if some people may want to throw a sissy fit concerning the aforementioned simile, what Drake is most likely alluding to is his well-documented womanizing ways.

“Girls Want Girls”

Outside of the chorus, the next time we come across the phrase “girls want girls” is in the first verse, whereas Aubrey expounds more on how the term is featured in the chorus. How he basically uses the expression is to imply that he’s associated with a lot of lesbians. 

And again, we would say in traditional rap music context the implication behind that statement would be that as a result, he’s afforded shall we say access to threesomes.

But obviously, something much deeper is going on in this case. And we say that because after that point, most of the first verse is actually dedicated to his relationship with one lady in particular. 

And by the looks of things, as noted earlier she may be a lesbian herself – albeit a particularly sexy one – as the result bad experiences with men. But that said she still has a rapport with, i.e. an emotional dependency on, Drake. So for the most part, this narrative is Drake’s way of saying that he can relate to lesbians and vice versa.

Lil Baby

Meanwhile, Lil Baby commences his verse by boasting that his “girl got a girlfriend”. Going back to what we were saying about how lesbianism is idealized in hip-hop, note that said expression was apparently coined by a singer named Ray Lavender, with the help of T-Pain, in 2007. 

Said track, My Girl Gotta Girlfriend, partially serves as an ode to, excuse our French, bonking two women at the same time. So if a man sleeps with a pair of lesbians, does that too make him a lesbian? That’s the fundamental question behind the aforementioned controversy.

But that said, Lil Baby proceeds to treat us to various musings concerning his relationship with said girlfriend, well actually two of them – his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s girlfriend. But the main purpose isn’t to actually propagate such a lifestyle. Rather it is to illustrate that Lil Baby is chillin’, i.e. living the life he wants to live, fulfillment of sexual fantasies and all.

In Conclusion

So at the end of the day this is actually a dual-themed piece because Drake’s contribution isn’t really braggadocio. In fact on his behalf, he actually seems to be sympathizing with lesbians, even if done in a cancel-culture inspiring sort of way. 

It is Lil Baby rather who is more overt in coming off like he sees such a reality, i.e. being involved with a lesbian, as an opportunity to capitalize on sexually.

"Girls Want Girls" Lyrics

Is this Drake’s first Collaboration with Lil Baby?

No. Drake and Lil Baby have a notable collaboration history dating back to the latter’s 2018 track Yes Indeed

Credits and Release of “Girls Want Girls”

Both vocalists are credited with writing this song alongside its producers, 40, Ambezza and Oz.

This is the third track on the playlist of “Certified Lover Boy”, the Drake album which OVO Sound released in conjunction with Republic Records on 3 September 2021.

The aforementioned My Girls Gotta Girlfriend (2007) by Ray Lavender is interpolated into “Girls Want Girls” as well as a separate track by T-Pain entitled “My Girl Got a Girlfriend”, which apparently came out the same year, both of which were produced by Akon.

Girls Want Girls

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This song reminds me of another drake song i just can’t remember the name of the song of course. They sound so alike especially in the chorus part, where he sings “ I don’t know (I don’t know), I might come, I might go, I don’t know”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lesbians don’t like men at all real lesbians don’t. And when dudes make stupid comments abt lesbians wanting or needing them in any hetro way is stupid the bishh bi sexual. And a guy messing with two lesbians would be bisexuals a man can never be or have a true lesbian is my take

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