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Early Mornings

“Early Mornings” by Meek Mill

On “Early Mornings”, Meek Mill is right in that he’s more lyrically talented than many of his rap-music peers. For instance, there’s some interesting lyricism embedded in this track, and he managed to accomplish that feat without...

“Back to Back” by Drake

“Back to Back” by Drake

Drake’s “Back to Back” dares other rappers to challenge him, while belittling their career. He uses several references in the first verse to describe how he is ahead of the rap game. For instance,...

Meek Mill and Drake

“Going Bad” by Meek Mill (ft. Drake)

After going through one of the most heavily-publicized rap feuds in modern hip-hop history, Meek Mill and Drake officially squashed their beef in September of 2018 when Meek brought Drizzy onstage during a concert....