“Going Bad” by Meek Mill (ft. Drake)

After going through one of the most heavily-publicized rap feuds in modern hip-hop history, Meek Mill and Drake officially squashed their beef in September of 2018 when Meek brought Drizzy onstage during a concert. And the song “Going Bad” is the result of their rekindled friendship, as they had worked on two tracks together prior to the tiff.

The topics discussed in this track are exactly what fans have come to expect from these artists. In other words, it centers on their wealth, success and interactions with women. For instance, Drake brags that he is able to smoke legal marijuana, which tends to be significantly more expensive than its contraband counterpart, just as the foreign cars he cops are pricier than local models. He also points out that he’s broken the Beatles’ record for most top-10 songs in a year. 

Furthermore, Drake claims to be a “boss”, indeed comparing himself to Don Corleone of cinema fame.  And he goes on to mention other ways his wealth is manifest, such as through the exotic artwork that decorates his home.

Going Bad Lyrics

Meek’s verse follows a similar trend. The primary difference is that he gives a shoutout to Drake and even refers to “Back to Back”, Drizzy’s most-renowned track from his beef with Mill. In other words, Meek exhibits his meekness. Mostly however, his time on the track is dedicated to relishing his own accomplishments in the rap game.

Ultimately the expression “goin’ bad” alludes to the persistence of the artists, as in they won’t change their style even when in the face of opposition.

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