“No Child Left Behind” by Kanye West (ft. Vory)

As for now we’re only able to review a snippet of “No Child Left Behind”, as the full track has yet to be released. And said snippet features vocals, i.e. refrains and a verse, by Vory, with Yeezus holding down the chorus. 

And from a lyrical perspective, said chorus simply features Kanye West repeating the phrase “He’s done miracles on me”. Based on the verse, which also utilizes repetitive, though not as much so, wording, the “He” being referred to is God. 

Apparently, what Vory is putting forth in the verse is a notion like when he’s truly in trouble, there’s no one who the vocalist can really “count on”.  So instead, he looks to God to get him through trying times.  And as implied by Yeezus, in some of such instances “miracles” are performed to help overcome whatever obstacle the vocalist may be facing.

“No Child Left Behind”

There is also just a singular phrase being repeated, as has sorta become Kanye’s standard, in the refrain. And that is the titular one, “no child left behind”. This is actually a term that was introduced to the American lexicon via a bill that was passed in 2001 called the No Child Left Behind Act. And most simply put, it is a law authorizing nationwide equality in education.

But evidently, Vory is not uttering it within such a context. Rather, all available lyrics considered, what he is most likely putting forth is an idea like ‘God leaves no child behind’. And with Kanye being a Christian and all, such an assertion would allude to the related belief that the Most High is available to all who call on Him in faith, such as Vory has apparently done in the verse, and Kanye is verifying in the chorus.

Lyrics to Kanye West's "No Child Left Behind"

Release of “No Child Left Behind”

This song was first teased, as a snippet, on 20 July 2021, during the final game of said year’s NBA Finals. It was done so in a commercial by Beats Electronics, i.e. the company founded by Dr. Dre and supported by Apple that is best known for the production of high quality headphones. 

And the star of the ad is Sha’Carri Richardson, the track and field athlete who was recently banned from the Olympics after testing positive for the consumption of marijuana.

This song is slated for release on 23 July, just a few days after the airing of the aforementioned commercial, as a feature on Donda, which will be Kanye’s 10th solo studio album. 

Writing and Production Credits

It was written by Kanye West alongside Vory.  And the labels behind the project are West’s own GOOD Music in conjunction with the longstanding Def Jam Records.

Kanye West also produced this piece, working in that regard with Dem Jointz and Gasaffelstein.

No Child Left Behind

Kanye West and Vory

This is Kanye West’s first collaboration with Vory, a hip-hop artist from Louisville who is currently a signee of DreamChasers, i.e. Meek Mill’s record label. And whereas Vory, who has been active since 2015, may still be building up a name for himself, he has already collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the game such as Drake, Post Malone, DJ Khaled and The Carters (i.e. Jay-Z and Beyoncé). And to note, Vory is also featured on a couple of other Donda tracks, “I Know God Breathed on This” and “24.

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