“Not the Same Anymore” by The Strokes

The Strokes tend to be intricate lyricists, as in sometimes it can be challenging to ascertain exactly what’s going down in their songs. For instance on “Not the Same Anymore”, the singer references somebody’s uncle, perhaps the addressee. Moreover it seems as if he may have been trying to get a job from this individual. But the way the story reads in its entirety, especially towards the end, is that the song actually centers on romance. Or more to the point, it is about the singer’s inability to conduct himself constructively in certain romantic settings – for instance when his significant other pushes him “overboard”. 

Or stated differently, he displays something like a callous attitude in terms of him acknowledging a tendency to do “something wrong” in relationships. That is to say he understands he has such a habit. Yet at the same time being that the mistakes have already been made, it isn’t like he can go back and undo them.

So conclusively, the accepted explanation of this song is that it is actually centered on the singer’s past screw-ups in romance. He is aware, to some degree, of his shortcomings in that particular area. And the lyrics contained therein ultimately lead to that conclusion.

Lyrics of "Not the Same Anymore"

Writing Credits

This song was written by the crew we know as The Strokes. We therefore have the following as the official credited writers of the song:

  • Casablancas
  • Valensi
  • Fraiture
  • Hammond Jr.
  • Moretti

Production Credits and Album

The track’s production work was handled by Rick Rubin. FYI, Rubin also handled all of the production work on The Strokes’ 2020 album “The New Abnormal”. And “Not the Same Anymore” is featured on it.

Release Date of “Not the Same Anymore”

This song was officially released on by Cult Records and RCA Records on the 10th of April 2020.

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