“Why Are Sundays So Depressing?” by The Strokes

This is what we call The Strokes’ version of a love song. There are some parts of the lyrics that get straight to the matter. In other words, it is pretty clear that Julian Casablancas is singing to someone he cares for romantically. Or perhaps more to the point, he is trying to convince her that he is indeed in love.

The background of the narrative contained therein is similar to that of another song on The Strokes’ “The New Abnormal” album, “Not the Same Anymore”. That is to say that Julian goes about presenting himself as someone who has his fair share of personal issues with romance. But in this case, he does not want his romantic interest to question his past. Rather he wants to focus on the moment at hand, which once again is highlighted by his affection for her.

And all lyrics considered, the way situation reads is as if the singer is very much committed to getting with this lady.  Or as Casablancas himself puts it, he is “staying hungry”. So on one hand, perhaps it can be argued that he is singing from a disposition of lust.  But honestly in this case it is also conceivable, despite his smug attitude at the onset, that he is truly in love.

Lyrics of "Why Are Sundays So Depressing?"

But what really is the meaning of title “Why Are Sundays So Depressing”?

We honestly aren’t sure since the days of week don’t seem to actually be referenced in any way, shape or form. But we would speculate considering this is a love song that perhaps Sunday is symbolic of the singer being devoid of the addressee, or something like that.

Writing and Production

The individual members of The Strokes are the only credited writers of this song. Noted American music producer and executive Rick Rubin handled this song’s production duties.

Release Date

RCA Records in conjunction with Cult Records put this track out on 10 April 2020. The labels released it as part of The Strokes’ “The New Abnormal” (which is their sixth album).

Was “Why Are Sundays So Depressing?” released as a single?

No. “The New Abnormal” album (on which this song is found) produced the following official singles:

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